Thursday, December 30, 2010

First Post

Hi all!

This is my first attempt at blogging, so we will see how it goes. I have been wanting to do this forever, but found that I am terribly blogging illiterate, thanks to my good friend Amanda I have now (somewhat) figured it out.

I'll start off with a little about the Hamiltons. We are both recent graduates of Auburn University (War Eagle!), we were married on August 21st of this year, and we live in Melbourne Florida. My husband, Caleb, works for a company called Harris Corporation as a Software Engineer and I work as an Assistant Manager at Hollister Co. We both love our jobs and are very grateful to have them, but we have decided that Florida is just not for us. Being a plane ride away from your friends and family really takes a toll on you and we have decided to relocate to Nashville Tennessee! We are SO excited about this move that is happening in just 20 short days! When we move I will be staying with the company I am with and Caleb will be working with a company called Metova as a Software Engineer. He will be making phone apps and he's super excited to get started.

Now a little about our Dog! She's a Yorkie named Paris and she will turn 5 on February 22nd! She keeps us laughing and never ceases to amaze us with her clumsiness. When we were first married I actually thought Caleb and her wouldn't get along so great, but he has fell in love with her. They are 2 peas in a pod, for sure. Wanna see what her cute self looks like? Of course you do! We love her :)

Anyways, that is all for my first post as an official blogger. Get ready for a fun ride with us!

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