Thursday, January 6, 2011

What we will miss most about Florida.


We are at Disney on average at least once a week sometimes more. We also go to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure all the time, but Disney is just magical. Our Favorite park is Hollywood Studios (AKA MGM). We both have season passes to all the Disney parks and all of Universal and we take FULL advantage of them. It makes me sad that we are moving before any of friends can come visit, but I'm sure we will all take a trip together one day.

Saige, my sister, came to visit for a whole week over Thanksgiving! She had never been to any of the parks before so of course we went and had a blast! It was by far my favorite time since we have moved down here.

I have been wanting one of these since we moved to Florida and I FINALLY found the store that sells them. It's so cool because you get to pick out the cap part in the color you want and then they have all different types of ears to put on it and then you can get it monogrammed for free! and the whole cap was only $15 (a STEAL at Disney!)

Harry Potter World is also one of our Favorite places! Can you say Butterbeer?? It's amazing, I go for the frozen & Caleb goes for Original, but either way its awesome.

Here's some more pictures, for good measure. This was the weekend after we got back from our Honeymoon (which I will write about soon). We went to Magic Kingdom for my first visit (notice I have a 'First Visit' pin and a 'Happily Ever After..' pin!)
Can't you tell Caleb loves the teacups! haha

Disney is one of those places that we cannot wait to bring our kids to one day and tell them all about how we were here all the time when we were first married. We have made SUCH great memories that I will literally cherish forever! We will miss it SO much when we move, We will have to find something to keep ourselves busy!


  1. I love the teacup picture.. ha ha that is too funny! I have been wanting to take a trip down... the only time I have ever been to Disney is when I was too small to ride anything, so I am in need of a trip! Looks fun, when David and I go, you will be my go-to Disney expert for sure :)

  2. you go to disney more than once a week?! so so jealous!! I hope your move goes well. Best of luck!